About me


My name is Danilo Lombardo , self taught 3d Artist from Italy.
I’m not very good at describing myself , but I can say I always been interested in visual arts ,
and after getting a 5 years traditional art training , I fell in love with the idea of digital painting.
After getting a tablet I started to experiment a lot , everyday being more surprised to understand the endless possibilities of doing art with a computer.
The natural evolution of that was my discover of 3D , which involved long nights in front of crappy computers trying to render these polygons.I’m still trying to these days , and I have also got the possibility to work on some great projects as a professional.
I have a 3 years experience working in the entertainment industry , mainly as an Environment TD ,but I’ve been working as a Lighting TD and shader artist as well , both as a freelance or studio artist.

 Whoever you are , I hope you are chasing your dreams.